OpenResty and ArangoDB 3.8.1 upgrade

We just upgraded the OpenResty and ArangoDB versions to the latests ones.

Here the OpenResty changelog

Version Highlights

  • Based on a very recent mainline NGINX core 1.19.9.
  • Many fixes imported from Mike Pall's upstream LuaJIT repository.
  • Introduce a new macro LUAJIT_TEST_FIXED_ORDER for fixed-order traversal of lua tables. This option is disabled by default. It can be enabled by passing the --with-luajit-xcflags LUAJIT_TEST_FIXED_ORDER=1 option to the ./configure command line while building OpenResty from source.
  • When lua failed in requesting memory, instead of graceful shutdown, abort() is called.
  • Now the get_ctx_table supports using the ctx table from caller, and that will reduce the cost of creating a new ctx table.
  • Fixed the bug that the metatable was not cleared when clearing the content of lua table when using lua-tablepool.
  • For a better performance when using lua-tablepool, discard the objects when the pool size is larger than the max_pool_size.
  • Implemented ngx.process API for stream subsystem.

And here the ArangoDB 3.8.1 changelog

We are also working on a new great feature : git content management. You can now use a git folder to manage partials, layouts, css, etc ... We will create a blog post for this very useful feature.

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