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For people knowing me, Fasty is a side project, and I'm mainly working on it during my free time.

I got several small updates lately, but it was to small for a blog post. So I waited for more content.

ArangoDB v3.6.1

The ArangoDB 3.6.0 came with some errors on sub requests. The latest version is fixing them ! Here the Highlights

  • OneShard Feature
  • Performance Optimizations
    • Subquery acceleration (up to 30x)
    • Late document materialization
    • Early pruning of non-matching documents
    • Parallel AQL execution in clusters
    • Streamlined update and replace queries
  • ArangoSearch Enhancements

You can find more informations on this blog post test suite

The test suite is progressing. All the shortcuts should be tested next week. We are using but we still have an issue with or ArangoDB's Docker image. Something is going wrong and our service folder is disappearing !?

Create Progressive Web Applications with Fasty

It's not yest ready but you will have anything you need to create progressive web application within Fasty ! I'll post a video and some informations on it when it will be ready.


Fasty is fast! And if you try "fast cms" terms on google you should find Fasty! It's just awesome because I didn't expect Fasty to be on first google page for this terms! 

I'm soing no Ads ... Spending no money on any copany to boost my SEO... I just use Fasty and i's very very good !

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