Fasty's Blog

This blog is basic for now. Videos and tutorials will follow in a near future. 

2020-05-15 : ArangoDB Meetup (by OB)

2020-04-15 : Admin Enhancement (by OB)

2020-04-11 : Air DatePicker Widget (by OB)

2020-04-06 : New default @limit params and new splat settings (by OB)

2020-03-21 : How to use our NPM module fasty-cli (by OB)

2020-02-27 : Dynamic AQL filtering based on URL's parameters (by OB)

2020-02-21 : New Shortcut + New Option for the "riot" shortcut (by OB)

2020-02-18 : How to create a Progressive Web Application (PWA) (by OB)

2020-02-16 : Latests updates (by OB)

2020-02-05 : Conditionals Datasets (by OB)