Fasty's Blog

This blog is basic for now. Videos and tutorials will follow in a near future. 

2019-09-27 : Add params to helper shortcut (by OB)

2019-09-07 : Why we chose openresty, lua, lapis & arangodb ? (by OB)

2019-09-05 : "Le Vitaliseur de Marion"'s blog is running on Fasty (by OB)

2019-08-31 : Using the API builder (by OB)

2019-08-25 : Set dynamic headers via {{ og_data | <key> }} shortcut and an AQL request per page (by OB)

2019-08-15 : Removed redirection for root path to a quicker page rendering (by OB)

2019-08-04 : Fix drag & drop HTML code on editor (by OB)

2019-07-18 : Edit server side scripts within Fasty ! Edit / Save / Restart ! (by OB)

2019-06-20 : The npm fasty-cli allow you now to lock your files ... No one will overwrite your modifications. (by OB)

2019-06-13 : Added a new datatype definition attribute "publishable" to allow some workflow. (by OB)