How to use our NPM module fasty-cli

fasty-cli is a NPM module which allow you to synchronize your Fasty CMS content with your local computer. We did create it because it's easier to use your favorite code editor than using the embedded ACEjs editor. It's still ok to use ACEjs editor if you like it tho.

Install fasty-cli

Of course you need to have nodejs & npm or yarn working properly on your OS.

Then simply run : 

npm install fasty-cli -g


Create a new folder where you want and then create .tokens.yml file and set this content :

name: Olivier BONNAURE
    token: use the token you have in your settings

Synchronize your data

Once everything is done you can launch the sync using :

fasty demo -w

The -w options is for "watch" folder changes. Everytime you'll change something locally it will be pushed to the server.

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